Sorry this slave does not come here often now
05 september 2006 // 04:36

Sorry this slave does not come here often now as it is hard for her to sit or kneel at a computer for long periods of time, she is still a slave to he Master to the best of her abilities.
Master no longer has His Yahoo Group, as Yahoo closed it down. Someone seem to bought the name from Yahoo & stated a site up that that has nothing to do with the Group that Master had. Maybe one of these day things will happen so Master can stat up another Group independently, it's not cheep & will take time to do.
Anyway this slave must go & get some sleep at her Masters feet.

The slave creed

"He is Master, i am slave
He is owner and i am owned
He commands and i obey
He is to be pleased and i am to please

Why is this?

Because He is Master and i am slave"

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